Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, and the Answers.
I am always adding new answers, so please ask.

Q: What is a Paralegal?
A: Like a nurse to a doctor, a paralegal used to be the quintessential assistant in every lawyers office. Now they are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada and can offer many of the same legal services that a lawyer does.

Q: Why would I choose a paralegal over a lawyer?
A: The same reason why you would not hire a surgeon for a flu shot. A paralegal is not only cheaper, but they are more experienced in the certain areas of law. Many lawyers hire paralegals themselves.

Q: So Paralegals go to law school?
A: Like lawyers, paralegals require specialized education from accredited colleges. Paralegals also write a licensing exam after completing an internship.

Q: Can a paralegal help me with …
A: Paralegals are limited by a Scope of Practice that is decided by the LSUC. As public need changes, as does the Scope of Practice. You can read more from the LSUC website.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: My fees are based on how much time it typically takes me to complete a task. I cannot disclose how much I have charged other clients because of confidentiality and I often offer reduced rates for special cases.

Q: But I have no money and I need help!
A: Call me. I can point you in the right direction and answer specific legal questions at a fraction of the cost.